Counting shillings at the end of the day is only a part of running a traditional restaurant chain. At Luna Asian Bistro, our customer-oriented conduct precludes overt commercialism. Indeed, it is not for nothing that ours is the first pop up when you type romantic rooftop restaurants near me. Our keen sense of ambience coupled with tongue-livening food has not yet had a match.

  • The Fairyland Charm of an Exquisite Menu

At our restaurant, our staff has been trained in magic.

Indeed, what is a romantic ambience with heaven-blushing food? Our exquisite menu has been prepared keeping in mind the multifarious priorities of customers and the diverse throb of Japanese cuisine. For instance, let us begin with the favorites – Chef Special Rolls.

You can try our unique Lady Gaga – a platter of shrimp tempura, eel, avocado, tobiko, all spiced up with pure coconut sauce. Or, consider exploring the likes of Tomo, Dynamite and Luna. If you are American to the core, have our Manhattan, a splendid preparation of tuna, avocado top with yellowtail, onion with the tangy thrill of jalapeno citrus sauce.

  • A Magnum Line of the Glassiest Wines

Could you imagine dining out your significant other without a glass of wine?

Our charming wine-line is studded with the best of taste and spiritedness. Consider the diverse range of red wine, from Natura Cabernet Sauvignon to Beringer Meriot and Mirassou Pinot Noir. Or, try our even more diverse range of white wine, starting from Danzante Pinot Grigio to Plum Wine.

Being the loveliest rooftop restaurant in Queens, our staff considers it an honor to serve our esteemed guests the likes of Rose Sparkling Wine, Peseco Sparkling Wine, Rosemount Chardonnay and Fetzer Riesling. So enjoy a cataract of intoxicating stars while you raise a toast to a memorable evening spent in togetherness.

  • Mote-Sure Attention to Quality Service

Quality service is what distinguishes us from the rest in more ways than one. We spare not a mote of dalliance and leave nothing to chance.

No sooner you set foot in Luna Asian Bistro than our staff will welcome you to the pristine opulence of traditional Japanese. Intimacy and elegance define the quintessence of romance, and we know it too well to tamper with it. Amicable and insuperably warm, our expert staff leaves no stone unturned to bring and preserve the million-dollar smile on our customer’s face.

So if you are looking forward to spending a lovely night with your loved one, surrounded by fine food, we are here for you.