Fusion, the term means combining two completely different items or ideas harmoniously. Though this method is applied to various areas of life, only a few have received the success and applause. One such area is of food. Professionals all over the world have fused one cuisine with another and have created some of the best dishes. As one of the best Asian fusion restaurants queens, we at Luna Asian Bistro have a lot to offer.

  • The world of fusion food is open now

If you haven’t tried fusion food ever, then the ride will be wild and adventurous. In this context, it will be better to remember that fusion does not mean combining ingredients from two cuisines. It can be anything starting from the method of cooking to the presentation of the dish and so on. At Luna Asian Bistro, we have a team of brilliantly talented chefs. These passionate people come up with newer and interesting ideas for fusions and then create impressively delicious dishes.

  • The special dishes we offer

Starting from our chef special rolls to entrees to the fare of cocktails, you will find delicious dishes fitting your pallet every time. We would also like to point out that, these combinations haven’t come in just a day, it took us time, effort and quite a few attempts to reach the peak of deliciousness. Hence, we are extremely proud of each of the creations, every time you are ordering one of the dishes or drinks, we are delivering something unique and interesting.

  • The unparalleled setting you will enjoy

In addition to the food, we are also proud of our setting. Enjoying a lavish meal while enjoying the breathtaking view of one of the best cities in the world is indeed one of the best experiences. If you are planning to do something special for your significant other, then our food and setting will be perfect. To find us, all you need to do is search under the term, romantic rooftop restaurants near me. If you are in or around Queens, or name will be in the search results.

  • Having access to the best

Once you have found us, you can make a reservation or you can walk in as well but in the second scenario, the waiting time can be quite long. So, we suggest, saving time and energy by booking a table beforehand. It is most apt if you are planning a special occasion or celebration or have a plan to execute. With the food we deliver and the illuminating setting, you will be able to impress that special someone. To enjoy the experience, please call us today to know more or make the reservation.