Summer is all about enjoying with friends or family or someone special. You have probably exhausted all the regular joints by now, and are searching for best rooftop bars near me, Visiting every watering hole and bar may not be in your agenda, but checking out some of the bests is mandatory.

How do we fit in the picture?

We would like to suggest the name Luna Asia Bistro. You may find this to be a ploy at bragging but it is not. Our confidence will help you believe our claim. Along with churning out unique and impressive Japanese fusion food, we also bring delicious drinks on the table.

  • How we came to create beautiful and delicious drinks?

We know food without accompanying drinks cannot be impressive. Therefore, we take extra care with our special concoctions to make your meal more memorable, notwithstanding the company. Our rooftop setting will also add to the mix.

  • Our offers for the summer season enjoyments

At Luna Asian Bistro, whether you are enjoying the rooftop lunch specials in Astoriaor dinner or just a few drinks, you will receive the same warmth every time. The following suggestions will be perfect for an evening with friends or family.

  • Fly to the Moon

If you are feeling nostalgic about celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing and looking for a perfect setting, we are here. Our rooftop is perfect enjoying Fly to the Moon. The perfect concoction of kaffir lime-infused Fords Gin, house-made rosemary syrup, lemon and crema de Violette.

  • Passion Havana

Summer is the time of fruits in almost all over the world. We too indulge in including them in our creations. Almost all the syrups and infusions used for drinks are house-made. Hence, our Passion Havana won’t feel synthetic. The drink combines Bacardi superior rum, mint, club soda and lime with passion fruit syrup.

  • Red Luna

This drink in the menu that is almost our namesake and our pride and joy. Along with reminding you of the reddish moon from folklore, it is our dedication to grapefruit. The drink is made by combining Campari, Jameson, lemon and a delicious grapefruit syrup which, you guessed right again, is house-made.

  • Flying Dutchman

This drink is dedicated to the legendary ghost ship The Flying Dutchman. It is made with the combination of Ketel One vodka, Bols genever, mint, lime, came syrup and cucumber. It will remind you of the azure water of the Caribbean and adventure-filled life of a pirate.

These are the drinks we have designed in our menu to ensure that your summer can be full of fun and joy.