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Luna’s Avocado Salad is an Instance of Expertise and Inspired Flavoring

If you look up Japanese food menu near my location, the salad section is inevitably the foremost. However, the salad is only deceptively simple. Luna’s avocado salad, for instance, packs a delightful blend of crunchy and chunky. Priced at $6, it is one of the finest instances of inspired flavoring. Choosing the perfect avocados is vital […]

What Makes Our Iconic ‘Chef Special Sashimi Platter’ Extra Special?

Have you wondered what a ‘piercing taste’ is like? Luna’s Chef Special Sashimi Platter is what packs a piercing experience on the palate. It is one of the highlights of our Rooftop Restaurant in Queens. The platter consists of eighteen pieces of raw fish which are tender and instantly yielding to the teeth. Its unique flavor […]

How Fusion is Changing the Face and Façade of Asian Food in Queens, USA?

Fusion is the method which has gotten quite popular since people understood, that certain elements from one culture can fit perfectly with certain items of another. Starting with garments, styles of various items, this trend reached food as well. One of the most prominent fusions happened with Asian food and today there are multiple Asian fusion […]

How Can a Sushi Restaurant in Astoria be the Perfect Place to be This Valentine’s Day?

If you and your significant other love sushi, and you want to make a romantic meal out of it, the perfect opportunity is here. After observing people trying romantic gestures and celebrations for years, we have concluded that food is at the core of the matter. After being in this industry for years, we have […]

Luna Asian Bistro is Among the Leading Romantic Japanese Restaurants in Queens

Counting shillings at the end of the day is only a part of running a traditional restaurant chain. At Luna Asian Bistro, our customer-oriented conduct precludes overt commercialism. Indeed, it is not for nothing that ours is the first pop up when you type romantic rooftop restaurants near me. Our keen sense of ambience coupled with […]

Make Party Celebrations Legendary with the Right Selection of Cocktails in Astoria, Queens

Arranging for a party does not ensure its success. There are a few factors and ingredients that you need to consider and include. Depending on the type of invitees, one of the most important ingredients will be the drinks. Yes, you have to ensure the supply of alcohol in good quantity and quality. Searching under […]

Fusion means the Perfectly Harmonious Existence of Delicious and Unique Food in Queens

Fusion, the term means combining two completely different items or ideas harmoniously. Though this method is applied to various areas of life, only a few have received the success and applause. One such area is of food. Professionals all over the world have fused one cuisine with another and have created some of the best […]

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