Year: 2019

Make Party Celebrations Legendary with the Right Selection of Cocktails in Astoria, Queens

Arranging for a party does not ensure its success. There are a few factors and ingredients that you need to consider and include. Depending on the type of invitees, one of the most important ingredients will be the drinks. Yes, you have to ensure the supply of alcohol in good quantity and quality. Searching under […]

Fusion means the Perfectly Harmonious Existence of Delicious and Unique Food in Queens

Fusion, the term means combining two completely different items or ideas harmoniously. Though this method is applied to various areas of life, only a few have received the success and applause. One such area is of food. Professionals all over the world have fused one cuisine with another and have created some of the best […]

Try our Special ‘Lady Gaga’, a Culinary Genius made of Shrimp Tempura and Eel

Luna Asian Bistro is known for its quirky experimentalism. Starting from Spicy Mama to Spider Man, our ‘chef’s special’ list is packed with culinary performances that are steeped in surrealism. At the same time, our chefs make it a point not to compose a meal at the expense of public health. Our team strikes a […]

Try a Special Tempura Dinner, at Favorite among Luna Asian Bistro Lovers

Battered and deep fried, the tempura is a traditional Japanese dish consisting of seafood and green vegetables. The dish, thanks to the Portuguese residing in Nagasaki, continues to be the bastion of Japanese cuisine. Being the most recommended Asian fusion restaurant in Queens, our establishment is renowned for its special tempura dinner that is also competitively […]

Luna Asian Continues to Impress Food-Lovers with the Best Japanese Food Menu in Queens

While traditional Japanese food is diverse in every sense of the term, few eateries make an effort to include the sweeping spectrum of delicacies. It is here where Luna Asian Bistro, one of the most excellent Japanese outlets in the city, is a cut above the rest. Our menu has been meticulously designed, encompassing the […]

3 Reasons why Luna Asian Bistro is one of the Finest Asian Fusion Restaurants in Queens

Why would you take time out to visit an Asian fusion restaurant? Is it the food alone which determines the magnitude of customers? Or are there other equally significant factors that must play their part? At Luna Asian Bistro, admittedly one of the finest Asian fusion restaurants in Queens, we leave no stone unturned to ensure […]

Enjoying Vegetarian Food can Be comfortable for Your Stomach while taking Your Taste buds on a Wild Ride

It is often thought that vegetarian food cannot compete with non-vegetarian versions in taste. If you are feeling disheartened about this, we would like to offer some options. If you search for vegetarian comfort food near me, our name will come up. At Luna Asian Bistro, we create and deliver vegetarian food which is both delicious […]

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